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Viskase (formerly Visking) is a global corporation based out of Lombard, Illinois, United States that supplies plastic, cellulose, and fibrous film and packaging to the food service industry, including casings for processed meats such as hot dogs and sausages. Viskase has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and France, as well as sales offices located around the world.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I pretty much said all I need to in the pros. Cons are appropriate for website."

Former Employee - Dryend says

"Management thinks​ they are so much better than hourly employee.Also supervisors​ do to."

Current Employee - Production says

"Lots of heat. This is a very high moist heat. July it is nothing for the conditions to be 98 degrees with 80% humidity. Expensive union dues. Lots of chemical smell. Very rare will is run well. Some employs do not get break time or lunch break. The powers that be at corporate headquarters seem to have little or no trust in local management to manage.Hourly employs are kept in the dark about direction the company is going. Seems to be an ongoing war with union and local management."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Standard corporate issues that every place deals with"

Former Employee - Production says

"Too hot and stressful in summer. Too much overtime."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"This place is awful. The managers and admins have no morals. Be careful working there. It would be better o work at McDonald’s then to subject yourself to this place.NoneAll"

Maintenance Clerk (Former Employee) says

"harrassed and discriminated against by managers. was an employee for over 12 years and was treated very wrong for everything. I wouldn't brown nose and I would speak my mind on the truth of things"

Janitorial Worker (Former Employee) says

"Viskase was a good learning experience for me it taught me a lot I enjoy it n the people was nice n friendly da management was good it was a good place to wrk"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Very productive, always tried to get as much product out as we could but safe as possible, all-coworkers worked as safe as they coulddecent paythey need to do something about the floors, they are very slick"

Human Resource Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I e ever been involved with very micro managed no ability to provide input with a dictator type leadership. Employees on the floor are a great group but have very low impression of the upper leadershipGood hourly payExtremely hot and wet working Environment with very long hours and excessive overtime"

Supply Chain Manager (Current Employee) says

"Viskase loudon is a union plant with very low employe moral and high turnover. There is are no opportunities for advancement and or employe development programs."

Extrusion Operator (Current Employee) says

"If you’re not related to j.p ragan then you don’t want to work here. Every supervisor is either related to someone else in management or are very close friends. Employees are treated poorly and often made fun of.No prosEverything"

EXTRUSION OPERATOR (Current Employee) says

"Good people. horrible management. Horrible environment. No time off. Horrible insurance. Full of roaches and rats. No time off to heal up from chemical burns"

MAINTENANCE PF/WELDER (Current Employee) says

"this company appears to be going out of business, they have cut the insurance,cut pension,and wanting too cut the rest ."

Extrusion Operator (Former Employee) says

"ok place to work, good pay very hot. Good supervisors. the shift work was three on three off rotating days to nights, but you would rarely get all your days off. some areas are extremely hot and high turnover rate.payheat, forced overtime"

Chemical Operator (Current Employee) says

"Viskase is hot, short staffed, poorly managed and overtime filled. The place is a health risk and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Management operates the plant like a penitentiary and it shows through the horrific turnover rate.Good payHeat, management, hours"

Assistante Commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Plus de siège social à Paris car tout a été relocalisé en Pologne car les salaires sont inférieurs..."

Extrusion Operator (Current Employee) says

"Upper management doesn’t care about employees and show favoritism towards certain people. No family life unless you consider viskase your family because they aren’t in a hurry to hire anyone. Only good thing is pay"

Cemical tower opr (Former Employee) says

"This plant was ok to work with till the management went to pot . as well as the insurance. I have spent 17 years at this plant . have seen many changes. The management is running this plant in the grind. Thay are to bizzy looking out for each other in sted of the hole plant .Good payBad helth cair, por manigement"

Extrusion Operator (Former Employee) says

"come in correct any problems that can cause machine to run bad. Do daily measurements and inspection of product through out shift. I have learned to respect on how to use PPE properly and to think safety first dealing with chemicals. Had great co-workers that really knew how to work together to make work easier to do. Hardest part of job was having to deal with all the chemicals. Had some supervisors easy to work for but had some made it hard.great payspent alot of time away from family and work almost all holidays"

Wet end operator (Former Employee) says

"Though learning the various jobs here can be quite challenging, the nature of performing the wet end job is not very physically hard to perform. The rotating shifts can be a downside and the heat in the summer months is very hard to endure."

Assistante de gestion des Ressources Humaines (Former Employee) says

"Poste en autonomie Travail en équipe Principale mission: le recrutement"

Dryer Operator (Current Employee) says

"It’s a good place to work. It pays good and the work isn’t to bad. Nice people out there but there is a lot of drama and management isn’t the greatest"

Agent de production (Former Employee) says

"C’est un bon poste que j’ai eu, avec des horaires correctes. Une bonne ambiance au sein des collègues."

IT Head EMEA (Current Employee) says

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